Corporate Culture

Marching forward towards achieving Sta. Clara’s corporate visions in the Middle East, the management has made a clear cut expression of its envisioned Corporate Culture. This declaration is in line with the management conviction of having its corporate visions conceived in good faith. Therefore it is rightfully so, that it was and for as long as the company exists shall be carried out in good faith. It is within this context that our principle takes shape which are founded on human values and centered on regarding “People as the Company’s Most Important Assets”. Likewise, it is precisely within this principle that our Corporate Culture should continue to be developed. It shall then embodies our collective values, principles and behavior which will be the driving force to develop our ideal system of management, responsible form of leadership, proper work ethics and creation of a conducive working environment for all.

Therefore to ensure that everyone’s conduct gets in line and abreast with the above envisioned Corporate Culture, everyone is hereby encouraged to observe and act on the following functions especially the company’s designated leaders:

  • Provide constant guidance to your team members and remind them to embody and identify themselves with the above stated envisioned culture.
  • Keep everyone in your team well aware of the company’s short term and long term visions and what value does their roles brings to those visions.
  • Provide constant and proper orientation about their respective responsibilities; remind them of their bestowed authorities and to fully exercise it within the framework of our organization
  • Empower your team members, provide constant motivation and help them unlock their potentials
  • Take the initiative of building Trust and Confidence within your team and promote an atmosphere of cooperation and team work while upholding the spirit of Discipline.
  • Recognize your team member’s unique talent, let them feel that they are valued and encourage them to aspire for continual improvement on their technical as well as their interpersonal skills
  • Ensure efficient utilization of company resources.
  • Take the initiative in spreading cost awareness and implementing control measures
  • Have full understanding of the established processes under your department and ensure full adherence
  • Make it a constant practice to conduct periodic performance measure of your team and your team members. Act immediately on identified weaknesses and be quick to recognize good performance and give credit to whom the credit it due.
  • Carry out any given task with utmost Sincerity, adopt a result oriented approach and always aim for excellence.
  • Always remind yourself about responsible leadership.
  • Further, everyone is hereby encouraged to keep the highlighted words close to your heart and mind. These are keys to fulfilling the management’s corporate visions along with the personal goals of every individual forming this organization.