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Who we are

Our culture
Learning has played a critical role in the success of STA CLARA.

We use learning to drive business success by developing great people with great talent and skills, linking learning to results and professional development; and creating an environment where learning is naturally built into working together to improve our competitiveness.
Everything we've acquired from books, formal training, from others and form experience is as important to us as cash flow or equipment. We believe that the ablity to learn faster and learn more than our competition gives us an advantage in the global markets we serve.

The learning mission is(1) to build critical skills and knowledge, (2) to accelerate learning across organizational, global and cultural boundaries, (3) to reinforce our one-company philosophy and total quality values, and (4) to build relationships with suppliers and customers through learning new skills.

Continual improvement
As a strategy, from past till the present time, transforming our company into a learning organization is a way for us to achieve performance breakthroughs. And it encompasses tools from all of our improvement initiatives, including those in operational, technical and customer excellence. It applies to every function our company, not just those on the factory floor. That means marketing finance, product development, business service, Engineering and all the other functions in our business are included. It also incorporates the rigorous assessment process used in determining our strong and solid firm position in the industry.